Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

Ok, so I'm going to describe a very real situation that happened to me today. As I do, I want you to count off how many "that's not right" things as you read on. First, let me say that I'm certainly not judging this person, but rather reporting what I saw, ok?

Here goes. I stop at a light, there is a small sedan type car next to me (please note that my van has my business name AllBreed Obedience all over it!). There is an older woman driving, probably in her late 60's or so. Next to her on the front seat is a young, probably one year old husky. He (or she) is sitting there, looking like person. This dog is not seat belted in. This dog has no collar on it at all. This dog has the window next to it open as wide as it will go as well as the back seat window behind it. This dog is looking longingly out the window.

My first thought when I looked was that this dog was certainly not what I thought a person her age would have. Let's face it, huskys have energy to burn at midnight! But, I saw her chatting away with the dog and then slapped my own hand a bit. After all, this dog was obviously keeping her company. But, when I saw it was loose, no collar, and a husky to boot (and we all know this breed is great at escaping and loves to go on walk abouts), I just got a little rattled. I did, however, hold my tongue, turned up my radio and drove on when the light changed! No foul, no harm!

I hope they made it home together. I'm seeing way to many dogs these days with wide open windows, hanging out. Saw a man and his dog at the bank - wide open window, dog had on a leash (was in the back seat) but had a prong collar on (and was attached to the leash) and was literally hanging out the window. Great, the dog jumps out, and the prong digs in when he's on the outside of the car. That'll leave a mark!

Ok, so that's my soap box. Please please take care with your fur kids. Just like I've blogged before, think SAFETY for them, ok?!!!

Thanks for listening!
Deb Schneider
Corky the yorky, Everee and Eli