Friday, August 13, 2010

A look in the mirror

Always remember, dogs often "mirror" the energy they feel from us, be it happy, sad, worried or excited. So, the next time your dog seems a little goofy, or stressed, check in with your own emotions and see where you're at! Often they reflect the energy in the house as well, which is why when the kids come home and things get revved up, so do they. Dogs are connected to us more than you can ever believe!

Have a good one and stay cool - it's been a hot and humid summer here in Minnesota!

Deb Schneider
Everee the Border collie, Corky the yorky and Eli the bloodhound

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's All About You

In my line of work I see many kinds of people. And what I've found is that dog's relate best to the people that are cool, calm and collected when they are working with their dog. In class so often I have to tell students to "put their energy in their feet". When the energy in the room drops, the dogs noteably relax, and behave and listen better. Often I'll take a dog who is having trouble, and within seconds the dog is more relaxed. Yes, I like to think I'm a superior trainer...but the truth being is that when I work a dog, I'm sure of what I'm doing, and my energy shows that, as well as being calm.

What is the hardest for me is when folks blame their dog for being hyper, out of control, not listening, etc. It's not the dog, it's us. Granted, I'm a type A person. I want to get things done, and very often I have to give myself that very piece of advice to breathe and slow down. When I show in the obedience competition ring, my own nerves and energy can, if not checked, really affect how my dog works that day.

Remember, dogs, on a regular basis, "mirror" the energy they feel in the room, or the person they're attached to. If you're feeling anxious, so will your dog. If you're bored, your dog will reflect that as well (how often I hear students tell me their dogs are "bored" in class - guess who's really bored!). Think about how a dog acts when the kids come home from school. The energy in the house is boosted up, the dog feels it and went from a sleeping fur kid to a whirlwind of excitement, jumping up, getting into things, etc.

So energy my friends - it plays a HUGE role in how you and your dog relate to each other. The next time you see your dog acting up a bit, do a personal check in and see how things are around the house, or even with you. You might be surprised!

Take care all!
Deb Schneider
Corky the yorky, Everee the BC, Eli the Bloodhound