Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Adding Another Dog

ADDING ANOTHER DOG to your family.   It's a question I don't get often enough, "should I add another dog to the family?".  Adding another dog to the household is something to be carefully thought through. Usually though, it's not.  Being human we get caught up in the "oh, but he is so cute, I just have to bring him home!" to "someone needed to save him!".  You get the idea. 

Here are some reasons to consider to NOT adding a new dog to your household:

1.  You have an older dog (usually 10 yrs and up, could vary with breed!).  Senior dogs don't usually
     enjoy having a  young dog in their house.  This is especially true if they recently lost a housemate
     that  was closer to their age and they had a relationship together. Mostly your dog just wants to
     enjoy the quiet life with an occasional visit from a good dog friend whom they can go on
     sniff abouts with!  So don't forget your older dog's needs. Just because he likes other dogs
     doesn't mean he wants one living with him!

2.  Your dog doesn't enjoy other dogs.  This is at any age.  If I have a dog that has issues with
     other dogs (or people), I need to address that issue first before bringing in another dog.  I
     will often here that folks want to bring in another dog to make their first dog "feel better". 
     Often your first dog will teach your new pup all the "worries" that are in the world around
     him and now you'll have two anxious dogs.

3.  Don't get a pet for your pet!  If you decide to get another dog because you think your
     existing dog needs a "friend", revaluate your relationship with your dog.  A second dog
     requires training, will add to the monthly budget of food and vet care, and training (oh,
     did I already say that?  LOL!).  If you think your dog needs more dog interaction find him
     friends for playdates or find a good canine daycare. 

4.  Someone in the family (adult) doesn't want another dog.  It's never a good ending when
     one person says yes and another says no.  A dog should be embraced by everyone in the
     family.  Ensures he will stay there forever!

Here are reasons to say YES to adding a new dog to your household:

1.  The existing dog is young enough and healthy enough to enjoy having puppy energy
     in the house, in their face and everywhere else!

2.  YOU want to add a dog to the household, because YOU want to train this dog and have
     it live it's life with you as a companion.

3.  Everyone in the house (adult) wants to have another pup and is willing to support and help
     train the pup.

4.  You have the money and time to commit to another dog in your house.

As you can see, this is a decision to not be made lightly or without forethought.  I love having multiple dogs in my house.  They are a pack with each other.  But I am the one that gives them all the fun, attention and care that they need.  If I leave the house, they wish they could be with me (but are ok until I come back!).  If one of their housemates leaves the house, they don't care as long as I'm
there.  They like each other, but they don't "need" each other.  This makes for a healthy pack.  Adding another dog to the pack, and making sure they bond with you first, other dog second, is another complete post for another day!  Enjoy your pups today, and everyday!

Deb Schneider, with Cosby (the basset) and Everee (the border collie) and Eli the bloodhound (now passed, but still in our hearts).

Oh my, it's been a very long time since I wrote in this blog!  Time to get busy again!  A New Years resolution is to write at least one new post a month!  Look out....I'm baaaack!