Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Even Trainers are Human!

Ok, so thought I would remind you all that 9 out of 10 times dogs make mistakes because of their humans! Last Friday my husband and I went to our usual Friday "date", which is an early movie. We left the house about 11:30 a.m. When we got home 2 1/2 hours later, Corky's crate (my yorky), which was left in the front of the house because his owner was too lazy to move it into the garage, was sitting in front our door, with a dog in it! The dog was Corky!!

Come to find out we had accidently left Corky outside in our back yard (which is fenced). My neighbor says she heard a dog barking for about an hour, but assumed it was the neighbor's dog on the other side of her because often that dog barks. Well, it was Corky, yelling to be let in! When that didn't work he decided to go under the gate (of which we usually have a log to block so he can't get out when I'm in the front yard working!) to try the front door. When that didn't work he went on a small walk about the neighborhood, so three of my neighbors say. Only like 1/2 block away, but nevertheless - out! Luckily for me the neighbors got together - all six of them - in my front yard, discussing whether or not this WAS Corky! In the end, one very wise neighbor said, "well, even if it isn't him, let's put him in that box thing, and Deb will know what to do with him if he's not!". Thank goodness I'm in good standing with my neighbors!

Moral of the story - always take a headcount before you leave, even if you have just one dog! Corky usually goes up to my bedroom when we leave, so I very seldom see him anyway, but this reminded me, you can't assume! Especially when there is more than one person letting dogs out in the household. And, because he's such a house dog I don't have any tags on him, just a collar (he is microchipped however).

So did he run away? Good news is no, but he could have easily been picked up and driven away by someone who thought they had found a cute small dog for the taking. Lucky me, my guy stayed close and my neighors thought they knew who he was!

Human error - it will "bite" us every time! Just glad he's where he should be - snoring up in my bed as I type!

Deb and Corky the yorky

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