Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dog deemed dangerous

Ok, so here's an interesting story. Talked to a person yesterday who took a dog from a guy (and I'm thinking it might have been off Craig's List) who needed to get rid of the dog because the dog kept running away, and he was being fined every time they brought the dog back. Evidently they also deemed the dog dangerous because he was CHASING people on bikes, etc. around. This dog, by the way, was a large, working breed dog (no need to say what - you get the idea and no, it's NOT a pitbull or an am staff!).

So she takes this dog home. Wants to do therapy work with him because he is so sweet - puts his head on her lap all the time (she's had him a very short time). First, please don't ever take dogs that are deemed dangerous by the city or county they live in. The unfortunate piece is that as long as she doesn't live in the same town or county, he won't be deemed dangerous where she lives. We wish we could make it a state wide net, but that's not how it works. So now the dog can start all over again and possibly hurt someone again.

Our conversation took a turn south when she realized in order to do therapy work she would have to TRAIN the dog! And that meant spending about $300 for 3 classes (including the therapy dog class) and that was too much money for her. Moral of the story - if you take on a dog that has issues, that's perfectly ok, but dedicate yourself to helping this dog not repeat what got him in trouble in the first place! But please please please, don't take on a dog deemed dangerous unless you knew the dog, knew that the situation wasn't his fault and trusted that it won't happen to you!

Oh, by the way, she also WANTED him to look out of control and scary on walks because she felt safer that way with him. Oh, it got better and better, and yes, I have holes in my tongue holding back what I really wanted to say!

Ok - I'm better, thanks for reading and come see us this Sunday Sept. 19 for our Open House between 10 am and 2:00 p.m. Directions to our school in Woodbury is on my website!

Deb Schneider and Corky the york, Everee the border collie and Eli the bloodhound!

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