Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why train the dog?

Wow - has it really been since Sept that I've blogged?   Time just flies when you're having fun dog training!

So my topic is why train the dog.  You would think that would be a no brainer answer, but trust me, in my experience with people I'm always amazed at what they tell me. 

Training your dog in "good citizen" exercises, which include soft leash heeling, sit/down/stays, and come when I call (every time!) is a good way to invest time into your dog.  These exercises are the foundation of what a balanced dog should be.  And, with these exercises, you can, if you desire, go on to other things like agility, obedience competition, or pet therapy work.  Yes, training the dog IS important!

Folks will often tell me when they call about class that all they want to the dog to do is.......and this varies from not pulling on a leash, coming when called, etc.  They go on to say they don't see the need to teach anything else to them.  This is like saying your child doesn't need to know his ABC's in order to write.
Teaching foundation obedience is how we connect with our dog.  Learning is fun, and dogs love it, when done the right way.  And, as your dog follows your simple command of sit or down, he is acknowledging you as a great leader.  Dogs MUST have leaders - don't be fooled that they don't.  If they don't see you as a leader, they will try to take on the role themselves. We call these pups "alpha wannabe's", really don't want the job, but now think they might try to take it just because it's available.  Being a good leader requires very little on the human end - just be fair, follow through with what you want your dog to do and always be calm and cool.   A good leader doesn't yell or scream. 

So get busy training that pup of yours.  Teach those foundation exercises and watch how the rest comes easily! 

See you soon - I'll be back - I promise!
Deb, Eli, Everee and Corky the yorky

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