Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Finding Time for the Dog

It always amazes me when folks tell me they haven't done training with their dog because they don't have the time.  I know we live in a crazy busy world, and when you add kids on top of it craziness doubles!  Often I hear "well I can't train the dog, the kids are so busy right now!".  Yep, I get it, but I like to gently remind folks that when you brought your dog into your house, you made a commitment, not a "well when we have time we'll work with you".  The dog that gets put on the back burner per se is the dog that probably needs the work the most.  He's the guy that is happy and fun, but is lacking in manners and obedience, thus he doesn't get to go to the baseball or football games to watch his kid.  He stays at home.  He is the dog that gets put away when company comes because he's too excited.  He is the dog that starts to act out because he's frustrated and bored.

So folks, when you bring a dog into your life...bring him in!!!  Give him what he needs, food, love, a roof over his head and training!  If your life is too busy, wait to bring a dog into your family.   When time allows, then do so.  People often forget that dogs will require some of your time.  Be sure you have it to give and then go for it!!

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