Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Dangers of a tied out Dog

A dog that is tied up outside is a dog at risk.  Restraining a dog from being able to do it's natural instinct of flight or fight will always result in a problem.  Dog's don't do well on tie-outs, plain and simple.  It's not natural for them and it will always play with their brain, and for some in not such a good way.  Yes, your dog may seem ok on it, watching the world go by in the front yard.  But your dg is VERY aware of his/her limitations, which include just how far he can go on his lead.  Space within that circle is all his to take care of as he sees fit.  Most often we hear of dogs that when approached on a tie out will be calm until you step inside his circle.  Then the trouble can insue.  It could be just a lunge and bark, or a full blown bite.  In the dog's brain he knows he can't run away, and since his world has shrunk to just this circle, he will defend it and himself with whatever means he thinks he should.  The other backfire of this is that often the dog will take to resource guarding inside the house as well, over toys, bones, beds, etc.  He practices "claiming" his space every minute of the day he is tied out, and is very good at barking at things as they walk by. 

Does this happen to every dog?  Of course not, just like people dogs have different coping skills.  But know that being tied out for time anylonger than 20 minutes is just plain hard for a dog.  They will accept it, but will not truly like it.  A fence yard it the safest place for your dog.  He can run and play without the worries of someone coming into his space.  Invisible fences are ok, but I like to see them looped so the dog cannot get from the back yard to the front yard unless he goes out with you.  Never want to "loose sight" of your dog in your yard, so keeping them in one area or the other is much safer! 

Enjoy those pups!

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