Monday, November 3, 2014

Dog Walkers, the do's and don'ts!

I love the fact that there are dog walkers.  For folks who work long hours and don't want to leave their dog unattended for 9-10 hours, it's a great break for the pups and certainly enjoyable.  However, there are some things to keep in mind when you hire a dog walker.

Other than the usual background checks, i.e., calling other clients, checking with the Better Business Bureau, asking your vet if they have heard of this particular dog walker, et.  there is more to consider.

Be sure the dog walker you hire understands and can walk the dog they way YOU want him/her walked. In otherwords, if you normally walk your dog in a nice heel alongside you, require your dog walker to do the same, especially if they are walking your dog on the city streets and sidewalks.  If there are places that you don't require them to heel, like the park, let your walker know that as well.  Let your dogwalker know that he should not let your dog stop and pee on every mail box post or bush in someone's yard.  Be sure your dog walker understands how your dog will react when he sees another dog or person and how you handle it if they are excited, etc. 

The more information you can give to your dog walker, the better prepared they are to take him out and about in public.  You, not the dog walker, will be responsible for anything that may happen on the walk as this is your dog. 

There is a person in the area I live that must do some inhome boarding as I've seen her walking various dogs around.  She always has them on a flexi (yuck!), the flexi is always extended to it's max so the dog can go anywhere it wants, including yards to poop (yep, seen that).  The dogs actually walk down the middle of the road and I've seen her have to try to "haul" in a dog before the car runs them over.  So this person, meaning well and probably takes great care of them in the house, is doing more harm than good for this dog.  Now these dogs are learning to pull, to do their business in other folks yards, and no street smarts. 

So take your time finding that perfect person.  They are out there! 

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