Monday, January 26, 2015

Containing your Dog Safely outside!

When I talk to folks I'm always surprised when I find out they live in a house, but do not have a fence for their dog.   Containment for your dog is so very important.  Dogs need to have a yard, and if they're lucky enough to have one, they should be able to wander around it safely.

Many folks get a dog and later get a fence.  That's cool.  But truly it should be the other way around.  Just like we prepare for a baby, things need to be in place before the dog comes into your house.  Containment can be either a fence or Invisible Fence, whichever fits your yard the best.

Having to leash your dog when he's outside will eventually make your pup more reactive on leash, as well as on his tie out.  Dogs who are tied know they are literally stuck there.  If something comes in that scares them they have no ability to run.  Dogs have a fight or flight instinct, most have flight.  But if they can't "flight" then they will fight or sound off in a scary manner. 

Please please always remember that having a dog requires more than just wanting a dog.  Keeping them safe, balanced and happy is our job. 

So what can you do when you live in an apartment or townhouse with no yard?   It's important to find a place where your dog can be off leash safely.  Dog parks can certainly be an option for our dogs with no yards, but be very careful out there.  Not every dog at the park should be there.  Daycares are great as they give your dog a safe place that is supervised and dogs are usually screened for health and behavior as well.

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