Monday, May 3, 2010

Reminder on Walking your dog!

Hey, just a reminder, it's spring, which means many of us homeowners are putting chemicals on our lawns to kill the weeds, fertilize, etc. This goes on all summer, so when you're walking that pooch of yours, remember, don't let them walk on folk's lawns or on lawns that are commercially owned. If chemicals have been put on, many times there are no warning signs out. It's not required that your neighbor has to do that, thus you won't know.

And, remember that no one wants to see a dog peeing in their front yard, when it's not their dog! Yes, you can wave the baggy at them if he deficates, but your dog just left a couple things. One, the grass won't be happy and two, it's a post it note for the next dog to come and leave his name on the "board" as well. Pee attracts pee - right?!!

So be a good neighbor and walk your dog on the sidewalk or street. Your dog will stay healthier and your neighbors will smile at you when you pass!

Enjoy getting out there sharing the great weather with your favorite fur friend!

Everee, Corky and Eli

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