Monday, December 20, 2010

Snow Dogs

So I live in Minnesota, land of the Vikings, land of the lakes, and for the last few weeks, land of deep snow and more coming!

So, I have very bored dogs. It's either been too cold, or snowing, or the snow is too deep, to go out and get a good run/play time in the back yard. What to do.

Well, here's some ideas for our snowbound pups! Chewing: it's the top of the list for taking care of a bored, full of energy dog. Chewing relaxes a dog, and takes up energy as well. Be sure you find something that is safe, that the dog will enjoy for more than just 3 mintues. We give raw shank bones in this house - hours of fun, and they last for days and days.

Hide a treat: Show the dog the treat, go into a room where they're allowed and tell him to find it! They will search for a long time, especially if you at first make it easy, and then a little harder each time.

Practice your obedience (yes, you knew that was coming from this trainer!). I do lots of obedience training from the comfort of my chair. Some day I'll have to write a book on that!

Get together with your friends who have dogs and set up a play date in someone's yard. Nothing better than a tired dog!

Lastly, don't forget - if it's too cold for you outside it's too cold for your dog. I saw a man walking his dog when it was below zero here last week. He was dressed warmly, boots, hat, gloves, and his dog was boots, no coat. Canine feet can freeze canine ears can freeze - please use common sense walking your dog!

Stay warm all, and I have found that a blazing fire in the woodburner works like asleeping potion for my dogs. They vie for the best spot in front of it and sleep for hours soaking in the heat! Gotta love that!

Take care all!
Deb, Everee, Corky, Eli

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