Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm on a new path, developing a new class for the school called "Partnership" and "Partnership Plus". There's been some bad press on dog training and daycare in our region. It made me think hard on some things. Although I am a strong supporter of positive reinforcement, including clicker training, I decided I wanted folks to do more than just train their dog to sit/down/stay. I want them to connect. Dogs that are connected to their humans (and visa versa) love to learn, love to listen and are overall a joy to live with (and we're a joy for them!).

The partnership class is going to take a team that has been through a basic Level 1 class with us (have to have a foundation to start with) and bring them together as a team. The class will be off leash - after all, the first piece is to have your dog WANT to hang around you! For dogs who can't handle other dogs in their space, we'll have a Partnership Plus class, where we'll do the same exercises but dogs will be on a soft, long leash. My goal is to have people and dogs LIKE being around each other. Where there is a relationship - after all, isn't that why we all got our dogs...to feel like they enjoy us as we do them? This class will have no force training, no dominance exercises. But, fun will be had, and respect and love will flourish!

You can bet I'll keep you posted as I develop this new program and it hits the "mats" in the school!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving - and as always, be sure to know exactly where your emergency vet is before you need them, as pets always get sick on Sundays and holidays!

The best of the day to you all!

Deb Schneider
Everee, Corky, Eli

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