Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Positive Training

Saw a news piece on Fox 9 about a training/daycare center. It was very disturbing. I was sad for the dogs, and also sad that this definitely put a dark mark on my profession - that of dog trainer and daycare facilitator.

Be sure to read my post on finding a good trainer. Although this was horrible, there were still alot of people there training their dogs, where I heard a dog scream in pain, ears being pulled, etc. If people didn't pay this business, they wouldn't stay in business. Remember, YOU sign the check, your dog doesn't have a say.

That said, one thing to remember is that when an obedience school or dog trainer says they use positive reinforcement, be sure to ask them exactly what they mean by that. In this news piece I saw dogs being harshly corrected on a pinch collar, and then food was shoved at them. Ok, so they can say they use food, which means they can say they use "positive" reinforcement. I think this word is sorely misused in the dog training business. So, again, be sure you know exactly how a school runs before you write the check! Training styles vary widely - be sure you check them all out - we are NOT all the same!

Good training!
Deb Schneider
Everee the BC, Corky the Yorky, Eli the bloodhound (who earned his Rally Novice Title at the Bloodhound Nationals last week at the age of ten months....yaaaah Eli!)

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